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Vootik is a professional matchmaking marketplace for Digital Services companies, a collaborative and indispensable IT Resource Management solution

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The algorithms developed by Vootik team were conceived, designed and optimized by professionals from the sale of services to improve your productivity and help you to win 'business' opportunities faster

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Our Advantages

Enhance your web & mobile ecosystem

Our network brings together a large number of companies specialized in web & mobile technologies.
And every day, we strive to build a larger ecosystem.
The three main types of members are very complementary: digital services companies, end customers and software publishers.

Save time by finding the right partner

We know how responsiveness can be a decisive factor in our business.
Automatic linking information are relayed in real time to all members of the network involved in the bid, and a concentrate of the best ads adapted to your profile is sent to you every day.

Make the right 'business' choices

The members of our network are professionals of the web.
These players are well established and engage the name of their company to deliver quality services.
Without doubt, the Vootik team will be able to guide you in making the right choice.

Benefit from personalized support

As part of an ad hoc consulting mission Vootik PREMIUM plays an essential role as a trusted partner for the long term to be a source of proposals to ensure the continued satisfaction and acquire strong leadership in current and future IT staffing and outsourcing challenges.

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